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We hate spam. We protect your privacy.

We hate “spam” as much as you do. The Coalition to Save West Street does not send unsolicited e-mail to anyone. Any information you send us is kept strictly confidential. We will not divulge your email address or any other information about you to anyone. We do not share mailing lists with any entity.

Do we collect information about you?

No. Some websites use various means, such as “cookies,” to collect information about site visitors. We do not. As an advocacy organization, we are dedicated to protecting personal freedoms, including your right to privacy. We collect no information about you, other than what you send us. And we do not divulge that to anyone else.

To be removed from our mailing list

To be removed from our mailing list, click here to send us a message. Simply check the “Do not send updates” button at the bottom of our mail form.

Policies of affiliated websites

In an effort to raise funds to support our cause, we have affiliations with and Clicking on some links in our site will take you to a page residing on their site, where different privacy policies apply. We have reviewed these policies and, in our judgment, these organizations have gone to great lengths to protect the privacy and security of their site visitors. Please visit their websites to read more about their privacy and security policies.


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