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Position Statement

Too expensive. Too disruptive. A bad idea.

The Coalition is a large and growing group of organizations and people who live and work in Lower Manhattan united in opposition to the proposed West Street tunnel.

We believe that the proposed tunnel will cause irreparable harm to a devastated neighborhood that we all want to see rebuilt quickly and efficiently, without this kind of wasteful extravagance.

Our community is strongly opposed to this tunnel, since alternative plans can achieve the same objectives much faster at less than 25% of the cost.




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Why you should oppose
the West Street Tunnel

  • There is no need: This tunnel is not needed. Alternative plans can achieve the same results -- faster, at much less expense, and with much less disruption.
  • A colossal waste: The tunnel will divert at least 900 million* tax dollars away from meaningful development projects, such as the 2nd Avenue Subway.
  • Years of disruption: A 5-year repair of West Street was completed just months before 9/11. A tunnel will cause 3-5 more years* of noise, dust, blocked & re-routed roads.
  • A traffic nightmare: The tunnel will impede access to residential neighborhoods by buses, cabs, cars and emergency vehicles.
  • A pedestrian nightmare: Tunnel access ramps will make pedestrian crossings impossible for four blocks -- two north of Vesey and two south of Liberty.
  • A small business disaster: Massive disruption for years may wipe out an entire generation of small businesses in Lower Manhattan — to create a tunnel the community does not want.
  • An environmental hazard: The tunnel will add thousands of new cars to the area, with exhaust fumes vented onto the streets of Lower Manhattan.
  • A security nightmare: A vehicle tunnel adjacent to the WTC “bathtub wall” may be a convenient target for terrorists’ truck bombs. And closures of this vital thoroughfare for any reason, including mere terroristic threats, could completely shut down Lower Manhattan for long periods of time.
  • * Source: New York State Deptartment of Transportation

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